Plus sign

photo (12)As the R+ development takes shape on the site of Aldwych House, it’s becoming clear that the new exterior actually looks pretty good.

Furthermore, the tendency for planners to talk about having to keep developments looking similar to neighbouring buildings is shown to be wildly off the mark.

Here R+ is clearly totally different from the Museum/Town Hall building opposite it yet looks a neat contrast. Considering it has Apex Plaza on the other side, architects of R+ seem to have done a neat job of creating a pleasing building which sits well alongside an awkwardly diverse street scene.

If only the rest of town was built as carefully. Old photos show that fantastic buildings were demolished in Hosier Street and The Forbury in the 1960s and 70s and doubtless in other areas too.

Those that replaced them are, in some cases, coming down now. R+ is a sign that in 50 years from now, developers and planners may just think these are a little more worthy of keeping than the ones they replaced.


About Alan Bunce

Freelance journalist Former Community Editor with the Reading Post. Former Business Editor with the Reading Chronicle.
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