Connected to success

photo (8)Among the many new developments at The Oracle the revamp of the Vodafone store must be one of the more surprising, Barely two years since it was refitted it seems to be going through another upheaval.

In fact trying to think of a mobile phone shop that hasn’t been refitted in recent times is quite difficult. So despite the fact they seemed to have saturated the market a few years ago there is still a buoyant trade in people getting new phones.

Remarkable too that until recent months there was a mobile phone cover shop in Broad Street that lasted for years.

Quite who is changing their phone so often that these places do so well is a mystery. But it suggests that despite the UK’s debts and deficit, some in this area are doing very well indeed.

About Alan Bunce

Freelance journalist Former Community Editor with the Reading Post. Former Business Editor with the Reading Chronicle.
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