The given trees

photoIt’s strange how chopping trees down can either go unnoticed or cause uproar.

These trees in Emmer Green were quickly dispatched a few weeks ago and no-one said a word. Budgens will doubtless appreciate the improved visibility.

Contrast that with any piece of land where a campaign group wants to fight development and they will find, among their usual spurious concerns, an ancient oak or a woodland oasis that everyone simply ignored until then. Suddenly they are gifts from God.

Just like the wildlife that live in them, trees warm the hearts of nimbys everywhere but only when they might be able to hijack them for a cause.

But there will doubtless come a day when the environmentalists move on to something else and trees will go out of fashion. Trouble is that by then, their incessant planting of trees in inappropriate places and the current mania for Tree Preservation Orders will have lumbered us with loads that no-one wants anymore.

About Alan Bunce

Freelance journalist Former Community Editor with the Reading Post. Former Business Editor with the Reading Chronicle.
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