Card trick

photo(2)Overpriced cards are nothing new but the fact people continue to buy them means shops get away with some fairly subtle tricks.

Reading is one of the places to keep its Clinton Cards branches when so many others were closed so presumably it’s good business.

But  take a closer look. This sign I tried to use in WH Smith last week gives you the prices and the codes. You have to scan the back of the card to find where they’ve decided to put the code then look up the price.

However the lower priced cards simply didn’t exist. Those coded CC and DD were conspicuously absent. I checked the cards at Sheeplands Garden Centre on Sunday and found the same thing.

And when you can’t find a cheap card the assumption is – presumably – that you will buy another. And people clearly do. Cards are everywhere.

But if, instead of paying £2 – £3 for a card, why not buy a bar of chocolate or take a photo and make your own card on your PC.

If consumers were a little more savvy, less of the high street shops would get by from overpriced items of little true value.

Maybe the economy needs to worsen further before it happens. But it will worsen and perhaps then people might force a better deal from what has become a very lazy high street offer.


About Alan Bunce

Freelance journalist Former Community Editor with the Reading Post. Former Business Editor with the Reading Chronicle.
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