Sold on HP

Within two weeks of writing about the former HP site at Worton Grange, an entirely new planning application emerges.

This time, the mixed use scheme for 300 homes, supermarket and bus interchange, seem particularly uninspiring.

This area is hugely industrial and to stick homes there must be more to do with getting a return than being particularly beneficial.

Even the very first application there had strong eco benefits with regard to the homes. This appears to have nothing special to mark it out.

Here is a list of facts I can’t quite get my head round:

*The site was initially bought by Wharf Land Investments, a company owned by Cholsey  man Douglas Maggs and former minister David Mellor,  yet it is one that is hard to trace on the internet.

*The spokesman on the current development is Mike Murray, development manager for Worton Grange Industrial Ltd. He is a former director of Wharf Land Investments.

*Savils continues to market the 20-acre site.

*Many property people have told me Wharf Land buys sites, gets them through planning and sells them.

There must be more I don’t know but these are odd points that need squaring up.

David Mellor, who with Ken Livingstone, is a superb commentator on LBC 97.3 every Saturday morning, is never shy to talk. I wish he would explain why this site, unlike others nearby which have moved on quickly, remains derelict and subject to so many unanswered questions.


About Alan Bunce

Freelance journalist Former Community Editor with the Reading Post. Former Business Editor with the Reading Chronicle.
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