Low emissions groan

Every now and then you come across a story that seems to have significance way beyond making the business owner wealthy.

Richard Bird, owner of Hydrotechnix in Burghfield Commom, has come up with a device which, when fitted to an engine, cuts fuel use by 20-50% and emissions to next to nothing. A similar product in the US, he says, was bought out and quietly buried by oil companies.

If the product does as he says, then it is a world changer which should have governments clamouring to get in on it. The green lobby should be celebrating.

But it’s investors who are showing the most interest.

As he continues to develop this it will get even more efficient. The device needs an annual electrolyte replacement and ordinary bottled water is all you need to top up.

For all its incredible claims the depressing fact is you just know that getting this to the mass market is going to be an uphill struggle.

I wish him luck but I fear the people who should be backing him are the ones who will be standing in his way.




About Alan Bunce

Freelance journalist Former Community Editor with the Reading Post. Former Business Editor with the Reading Chronicle.
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