Talents you never knew you had

Jim Ewan, just visible far left








This week a chance for Twyford-based professional speaker Jim Ewan to explain how he is living proof that you may have talents you don’t know about. (A talent we both lack is how to get his account running on this blog)

“All my life I have been told what a terrible voice I have. Usually in the format, ‘stop making that terrible row!’

But I’ve always loved singing so I am delighted to see the recent upsurge in amateur choirs, notably of course the ubiquitous ‘Rock Choir’ of current TV fame.

And last year I actually took the plunge, risking joining a (non-auditioning) Reading choir. Now, thanks to the choir and its leader, I have ‘found’ my voice and frequently even sing in tune!

Why are choirs suddenly so popular? Much of it, I am sure, is due to television exposure. First we had Gareth Malone, now Caroline Redman Lusher – and Glee has probably helped as well.

But this is about more than simply wanting to sing; choirs bring people together like no other social activity. They provide a sense of belonging and support and the singing is, of course, a wonderful stress reliever. So good for your health as well.

My particular choir records numbers at rehearsal so members can listen at home between sessions. Those who are interested also have opportunities to perform at local events, while others simply enjoy singing each week with their new friends.

Amazingly, there are over 40 choirs in the Reading area alone. Some pretty specialised, demanding much vocal ability and dedication. Others though are not so choosy, asking only that you are genuinely interested and prepared to do a bit of practice at home. Fees are generally very affordable too.

So why not Google ‘choir’ or ‘rock choir’ and see if you can’t find a group local to you? Being part of a choir has certainly expanded my horizons – and now I’m sometimes even allowed to sing at home!”

Note: Jim Ewan (jim@jimewan.com) sings regularly with the SOTA Adult Rock Choir SARC.


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